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About Us

More Sure Word Church is a Bible believing church located in Warner Robins, Georgia. It was founded by Bishop Daniel L. Akins and Pastor Vonyett Akins, who now act as Global Pastors and Overseers to the Voice of Many Waters Apostolic Alliance (VOMWAA). It is currently under the leadership of Pastor Nana yaa Henaku Larbi. Ware a church that believes in prayer, praise, and worship!


Our Mission

To birth strong ministry gifts in the earth by imparting biblical truths, deliverance, spiritual warfare, and activating the gifts of the holy spirit.


  • Establish a group home for dysfunctional men and women

  • Develop a shelter for the poor/homeless

  • Establish A Youth Ministry

  • Establish outreach ministries

  • Establish an accredited bible school

  • Establish a multimedia ministry through radio and television

  • Establish churches all over the world

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